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  • Spunbond

    Pattern and Color Options

    This nonwoven fabric is 100% biodegradable and it has a wide range of application. Rapidly becoming popular due to its diverse application areas, spun bond fabric is manufactured from 100% PP and it has no harm to human health or the environment.

    Properties: Width: 2 cm – 320 cm

    Weight: 12 gr / m2 – 150 gr / m2


    Home Textile Furniture: Manufacturing bags, clothing, carpets, mattresses, sofa and spring mattress, quilt and pillow casings, napkins and table cloths with various colors and prints, covers, quilting interlining, portable wardrobe.

    Promotion – Advertisement: Packaging, promotional bags, wet napkins, gift packages, decorative and practical wraps for flowers, clothing cases with limitless color options, elegant appearance, soft texture and smooth surface while being affordable.

    Medical: Face mask, overshoes, bonnet, apron, medical dressing applications, stretcher cover, diapers, patient bed cloths, sanitary pad

    Agriculture – Greenhouse: Crop covering, protection from frost, protection from pests, gardening as a hobby, weed control

    Construction: screening, floor covering and wall papers, roof insulation, acoustic applications

    Bags – Shoes: Under-leather lining as the fabric is flexible and strong, production of inner liner for footwear.

    Automotive: Car covers, tool bags, disposable serving covers.